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Important Message from the Executive Director!!

Please read the following letter.

I have news to share regarding our beloved Camp Hardtner and our 2014 Summer Camping season. Recently, it was discovered that Hardtner has a failed waste water system. Due to this, we have mandatory repairs to be made before the summer camping sessions can begin. At this point, all time frames that we have been given by the engineering firm as it relates to Louisiana DHH permits, potential LDEQ permits, and construction are not absolute. Based on what we do know and estimated time frames given, Summer Camp 2014 will not begin as scheduled. It is crucial that this problem be corrected prior to the hundreds of campers, staff, volunteers, and parents that annually pass through the gates for summer camp.

The value of summer camp is immeasurable. However, so is the health and well being of every person that sets foot on Hardtner property. Due to our current circumstances, we are prayerfully asking that each and every person find understanding and compassion for everyone affected by this situation. While there is no way to lessen the shock value of this news, the redeeming aspect of it is that WE WILL have summer camp. It will look a little different on the calendar, but Bishop Jake, the Diocesan Council, the Hardtner Board of Trustees, and myself as Executive Director of Hardtner are all committed to having a successful summer.

In our best effort to get as many people as possible to camp this summer, the sessions have been rearranged. The revised 2014 Summer Schedule follows:

Session NumberSession NameSession DatesCurrent Grade / AgeSession FeeDean
1Camp AbleJune 29 - July 3Age 18+$425.00 Fr. John Bedingfield
2Jr HighJuly 6 - July 11Grades 6 & 7 $475.00 Fr. George Gennuso
3 Primary July 13 - July 17Grades 3, 4, & 5 $425.00 Fr. Whit Stodghill
4 Mid High July 20 - July 25Grades 8 & 9 $475.00 Fr. Jeff Millican
5 Sr High July 27 - August 1 Grades 10, 11, 12 $475.00 Fr. Stephen Craft

Please note that with all the changes happening, we are adding another change. The grades for camp are now based on a student's CURRENT grade. While we wish to avoid additional confusion, having retreats during the year based on current grade and summer camp based on rising grade causes a registration headache and constant confusion with our parents and campers. All Camp Hardtner event registrations are now based on a student's CURRENT grade.

Due to the time restrictions this summer, it has been decided that we shall cancel First Camp and Taste of Hardtner. To those affected by this change, please know that we still value your desire to participate in Camp Hardtner and thank you for your loyalty. All payments toward both of these events will be refunded in full unless you wish to make a donation.

How enrollments and registrations will be handled.

Remember, only a registered camper has a guaranteed spot in camp because they have paid at least their deposit. Enrolled campers have no reserved place, only information in our system. All enrolled campers (have not paid anything) have been removed from their sessions. Your information previously entered in the registration system is still intact. If you are able to attend the new dates, you only need to log in, update your GRADE IN SCHOOL to your current grade (not rising grade), choose your session, and make a deposit to reserve your place in summer camp. All registered campers (have made at least a deposit) will be transferred to the new corresponding session. These campers will be contacted to be given right of first refusal should the new dates not work for them. Full refunds will be issued less any donation you wish to make. Those having paid in full will be offered a refund of $50 (difference in new prices) unless they wish to leave it as a donation.

Camp Hardtner asks for your patience as we continue to work through these issues. We ask that all email communications be sent to registration log in page.

I am sure I have left some questions unanswered. As we receive those questions, we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Again, I ask for your patience and prayers as the Camp Hardtner office continues to manage and handle questions and inquiries. Updates will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, the Diocesan web page, the Camp Hardtner web page, and any other means we can utilize to spread correct information. I can only urge that we stand together to avoid misinformation as it pertains to these changes for the summer.

All official information regarding Summer Camp 2014 will come from the Hardtner office. Please feel free to share this email with anyone needing information that hasn't yet received any information. We pray for blessings to you and yours during this Holy Week, and hope everyone celebrates a joyous Easter season!!

Jason Ezell
Executive Director
Camp Hardtner

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